Excellent team with numerous elites

Understanding that brand comes from the wisdom of a team, ATEC has taken research and development as its vital force. In order to perfect products, ATEC recruited a team of senior technical consultants, professional researchers and producers with high titles and senior engineers. They lead employees with their intelligence and diligent working attitude, Pay much attention to every design detail and production process detail, which builds the competitiveness of our brand strategy.

Production platform and industrial base

ATEC has built production bases in Wuhan, to manufacture and install metal panels. The factories are equipped with large-scale advanced facilities, and professional technicians, which enables its annual production capacity to grow steadily. Proven technologies, outstanding quality, strict and scientific production management ensure ATEC’s competitiveness in cost, quality, service and technology against furious market competition.

Aggressive researchers

ATEC applies world-class concept and designs with preciseness.
ATEC adopts world-class design software to optimize the construction plan and noise reduction plan.
ATEC customizes optimized design for customers based on their needs in accordance with national security rules.
ATEC pursues excellence continually, aiming at developing and researching new products, new techniques and new materials.

Experienced project management

ATEC has the project concept of safety, quality, efficiency, and fully executes ISO9001 quality system.
ATEC provides point-to-point service and applies the management system with Project Manger in-charge.
ATEC provides whole-process project management and on-site technology supporting service.
ATEC takes efficient supervision measures to ensure security, quality and progress on site.

Efficient manufacturing and distributing capacity

ATEC is equipped with advanced manufacture equipment, and complete processing techniques and production line.

With perfect management, ATEC completely executes ISO9001 quality system, while seeking for continuous perfection and 100% checking rate before delivery.

The forming process is controlled by a computer entirely with high precision. It will not hurt plating and surface coating.

ATEC has perfect, long-term logistic network to ensure safe and reliable distribution.

ATEC has high quality packing for products.

ATEC applies strict control procedure in goods handling, storage and transportation, traces the whole process, and nominates full-time staff to coordinate the logistics for projects.

Win market with quality services

 ATEC’s integrated solution

Technical consultation—plan optimization—project design—manufacture—product delivery—project management—on-site technical service

ATEC provides not only excellent production, but also delicate and complete integration service. ATEC provides tailor-made service according to customers’ requirements. Customers can experience ATEC’s intimate, personalized and humanistic services.

Building Life With Technologies
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